This is the first step in building your school for PACC Lite. In order to have accurate reporting and requests, we must start with the following data: 

  • Students (limit 200)
  • Courses (no limit)
  • Student Grade History (Only Data Element available in PACC Lite)

Student Import:

Start by going to the School and clicking on the Students tab. 

When adding students, you can add students one by one by clicking Add new record or you can mass import. Just follow the steps below:

NOTE: Limit is 200 students when using PACC LITE.

Course Import:

Just like students, we need to import the school's courses to in order to build prerequisites and have courses for students to choose from.

The import process is the same as the students. Follow the steps below to add course data:

NOTE: There is no limit for courses when using PACC LITE. 

Student Grade History Import:

The last piece of data to import on PACC LITE is the Student Grade History data. This information is necessary so that we can give you accurate eligible course results once the course prerequisites are built.

In order to import these grades, go to the Data page and select Data Import and follow the steps below: