About Adding and/or Creating School Pathways

After you have signed up for PACC Lite, it's time to add and/or create pathways to assign to students.

How to Add a State Pathway

Go to the Schools Pathways under the PACC Admin tab.

Click on the State button at the top of the screen to see the list of State Pathways in your state created by Capture Education.

Next, click the +- Pathways button to choose the pathways you would like to assign to students.

NOTE: PACC Lite only allows for 3 Pathways. Unlimited version is unlimited pathways.

You will then see your pathways under the School Pathways tab. 

You will assign these pathways to your students on the Students page. 

 Create a Custom Pathway

 Go to the Custom Pathway page under the PACC Admin tab.

Once you are there, click the +Add Pathway button to begin creating a custom pathway. 

NOTE: Custom Pathways can be any pathway you would like. The most common are General Graduation or Honors Graduation pathways.

Below is where you will type in all Required, Pathway Specific, and Elective Courses

Once you have added the Required, Pathway, and Elective courses, click Next

The Pathway Course Details window will appear. From here you can enter a Completion Count, and also select those courses that are eligible for College Credit. When you are finished click Next


NOTE: As you can see, ELECTIVES are marked with a 0. This means that this does not have a required amount and a student can take an unlimited number of them before completion. 

The last page that needs to be filled is the Pathway Data Elements. These can be any items other than passing courses that a student will need to complete the pathway.

NOTE: Common Data Elements are: GPA, ACT/SAT Score, Portfolio Completion, etc.

If you do not wish to add any Pathway Data Elements, feel free to click DONE

After you have gone through and created you school's Custom Pathways (if necessary), then you will be able to add them to your school's pathways. This will be done on the School Pathways page.